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One-Time Medication Renewal

About this service

Whether you’re traveling, in between doctor appointments or have recently moved, you may realize suddenly that you’re out of your medication and don’t have a refill. Because it’s so important to maintain your medication schedule, we can help with a one-time refill (up to 90 days) of an ongoing, everyday prescription.

What to know before your visit

Examples of acceptable ongoing, everyday medications include blood pressure medication, cholesterol-lowering medication, birth control, and diabetes medications and insulin.

The following prescriptions are not eligible for this service:

  • Medication for episodic conditions such as migraines
  • Narcotics or pain medication
  • Sample medications
  • Medications with refills remaining
  • Medications requiring prior authorization to fill
  • Medications last used more than 60 days prior to visit

What to expect at your visit

  1. Sign in at the electronic kiosk to see a nurse practitioner or physician assistant.* No appointment necessary.
  2. Your practitioner will ask for one of the following required items:
    • The prescription bottle
    • The pharmacy where the prescription was last filled
    • The prescriber’s contact information (primary care or specialist)
  3. Your practitioner will check the prescription against our list of approved medications.
  4. Your practitioner will review your medical history and perform an evaluation.
  5. Upon approval, your practitioner will provide a renewal request for the presented prescription.
  6. At the end of your visit, your practitioner will provide you with a summary, a receipt and educational material.
  7. The summary of your visit can be sent to your primary care provider with your permission.

*MinuteClinic® employs physician assistants in select states. See here for details.

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