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Bengay Pain Relieving Cream Ultra Strength
Bengay Pain Relieving Cream Ultra Strength
3.8 / 5
4 OZ   
0.32 LBS    
Non-greasy cream. Strongest Bengay ever. Deep penetrating pain relief. Fast relief from minor arthritis, backache, muscle & joint pain. With three pain relieving ingredients - more than any other Bengay product. Number 1 pharmacist recommended brand.
3.8 / 5
3.8 / 5
77% 10 of 13 reviewers recommend this product. 
4 / 5
Strong Scent, Fairly Strong Relief!
from  caledonia 
Age:  35-44 
Posted April 14, 2014 
I received Ultra Strength BENGAY, courtesy of Brand Power Home Testing.
The scent is VERY strong... it didn't bother me, but it gave my fiance a terrible headache. I am exceptionally active for a woman in my 40's (I am a homesteader, and my job requires me to tote a 40-45 pound backpack and continually stand, climb, or "power walk" for up to 17 hours in a day). As a result, I constantly deal with aches and pains of various strengths, in various parts of my body.
This ointment works fairly quickly (within about 5 minutes), and dries quickly, as well (both big "pros!"). It completely relieves my minor aches and pains. While my more severe ones are still present, Ultra Strength BENGAY does dull them, considerably.
I also noticed that the relief lasts much longer than my usual brand of pain reliever. I get about 6 hours of relief, while I am active, and around 8 hours of relief while relaxed (for instance, at bedtime).
Yes, I recommend this product. 
5 / 5
love it
Posted April 6, 2014 
I'm a teen and I use this for back pain and today I used it because I had sore feet after shopping for six hours. absolutely love it and relieves all pain quickly and thoroughly. so glad I discovered it.
Yes, I recommend this product. 
1 / 5
Causes Burns
from  eastpointe 
Age:  45-54 
Posted October 11, 2013 
I received a terrible burn from this product and i still have a scar. The cream to remove the scar is costly and i cannot afford to pay out of pocket but the consumer care dept will only reimburse so basically i will have to live with it. Sad that Johnson and Johnson will not pay for cream that i now need. I asked if they could just pay the pharmacy so i can pick it up. Was told that is not how they work.
No, I do not recommend this product. 
1 / 5
Warning for this product
from  Abingdon 
Age:  35-44 
Posted September 14, 2013 
Just wanted to let you know I use your products all the time. Well I had a sore muscle so I decided to try your ultra strength bengay cream. needless to say it heated up the area so bad that it left little blisters and a red patch on my back. I am African American and you could visibly see this on my body. now I have the pain of it being sore because it must have burnt my skin some. Anyways I would strongly not recommend the use of this product on any age children, elderly or people with sensitive skin. it done this to mine and my skin can take a lot so you really need to express in big letters on this product a huge, huge warning for people.
No, I do not recommend this product. 
5 / 5
from  Nville 
Age:  45-54 
Posted September 9, 2013 
I have had excruciating joint pain at the hip x several years. As a Certified Medical Assistant, I am on my feet all day and am taking meloxicam. It helps somewhat for about 12 hours, but after that, life comes to a screeching halt and I go to bed as soon as I come home from work. The pain has dictated every minute of my life.
So today I applied a BenGay patch over the joint (in addition to taking the meloxicam). This sounds hokey and like an informercial, but .....here I am 5 1/2 hours later and I am completely pain-free!!! I came home from work and cooked, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and have energy to spare! I honestly haven't felt like this in about 5 years now (since the pain began).
I am my "old self" today! Yippee! If you are hurting, please try these BenGay patches! The price is right, and you can even cut them if you need a smaller size, or if you need to shape it to an area (for example: groin area). I love life today!!!!!
Yes, I recommend this product. 
5 / 5
from  boston 
Age:  25-34 
Posted August 20, 2013 
i had severe pain after playing football ..i used this cream on my leg ...its worked very well
Yes, I recommend this product. 
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