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Bengay Pain Relieving Cream Ultra Strength
Bengay Pain Relieving Cream Ultra Strength
4 / 5
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Size: 4 OZ
Non-greasy cream. Strongest Bengay ever. Deep penetrating pain relief. Fast relief from minor arthritis, backache, muscle & joint pain. With three pain relieving ingredients - more than any other Bengay product. Number 1 pharmacist recommended brand.
4 / 5
4 / 5
78% 18 of 23 reviewers recommend this product. 
from  Tampa 
Age:  45-54 
5 / 5
June 10, 2015 
Strong pain relief that works!
Yes it will get your attention but if that isn't what you are looking for then the "Ultra Strength" and "Strongest Ever" should have tipped you off.
After trying so many others that did nothing, and many providing about as much relief as hand lotion, this was a winner.
You may get some initial mild discomfort but it will then ease quickly into ahhhhhhhh territory.
For me, be it shin splints, sore shoulder or dodgy knee, this does the job.
Yes, I recommend this product. 
from  Burlington 
Age:  18-24 
1 / 5
April 30, 2015 
it burns you
I used it on my legs after a work out and was going to go to bed but it burned my skin to much I quickly washed it off.my legs were as red as a lobster.(A piece of advice DO NOT TOUCH YOUR GENITALS IT SUCKS!)
No, I do not recommend this product. 
from  New York 
Age:  25-34 
5 / 5
January 7, 2015 
Excellent product!
I'm very satisfied with this product! Definitely recommend it!
Yes, I recommend this product. 
from  Williamstown 
Age:  Over 65 
1 / 5
November 18, 2014 
Caused severe 2nd degree burns!
I used Ben Gay ultra strength to ease back, arm, and chest pain resulting from acute bronchitis. I used it once. Then six hours later applied it again. It immediately turned red and burning, so I washed it off as quickly as I could - but not soon enough! It caused 2nd degree burns over the whole area where it had been applied. I am still hurting badly after 3 weeks, prednisone and Rx pain killers from my family doctor. I have never had sensitive skin or skin allergies of any kind! I did not know until AFTER using it that the FDA warms about this possibility. There should be a warning on the packaging to try it on a small area. BEWARE!!!
No, I do not recommend this product. 
from  johnstown 
Age:  Over 65 
5 / 5
September 26, 2014 
aerosol ????
I would Love to see you produce the Ultra Strength formula with same strengths in an aerosol. There is a spray on the market now with that formula, but many years ago the Mentholatum company discontinued theirs............. I love your product BUT the spray would be so much more convenient and Practical.
....as a 'senior citizen, I have been an avid weightlifter for over 40 years and continue!.....
Yes, I recommend this product. 
from  Statesville 
Age:  25-34 
5 / 5
July 14, 2014 
Best muscle relief
I am in my 30s now but I started using this in my early teen years. LOVE it! I used to use the regular strength, but either they discontinued it or it has been renamed. I have fairly sensitive skin, but I've never had the problems some reviewers reported. Any way, this is strong relief, it sinks in quickly-and a little goes a long way. Love the minty scent, even if the rest of the household doesn't! When I have a backache or period aches and pains that painkillers can't touch, I reach for this. Please don't ever discontinue this product!
Yes, I recommend this product. 
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