Onsite flu clinics

Visit this page in May for details about the 2018-2019 flu season.

Great for productivity.
Great for employee morale.

We'd be happy to conduct an onsite flu vaccination clinic at your place of work or senior living community. You pay no service fee.

Here's why an onsite flu clinic is good business.

$16.3 billion

in lost earnings to U.S. businesses due to flu1

17 million

U.S. workdays lost annually to flu2


of population gets flu every year.


reduced flu rate for healthy adults who get vaccinated.

Flu clinic facts and requirements

  • All locations must be within 75 miles of a local CVS Pharmacy® in the same state.
  • Clinics available in most states except South Dakota and Wyoming.
  • Clients will be vaccinated by CVS pharmacists certified in vaccination protocol.
  • Every clinic will offer quality, intramuscular vaccinations.
  • A minimum of 24 vaccinations is required per location, scheduling will be 12 shots per pharmacist hour or 24 shots in two hours.
  • Onsite flu clinics are also available for community centers and assisted/independent living facilities.

Frequently asked questions

What will the CVS Pharmacy team bring for the event?

Vaccines and other materials necessary for administration according to vaccination protocol.

What if I need to change the event date?

Reach out to the local contact who helped you set up the onsite clinic.

What about other changes to the event, such as more participants than expected or new location?

Reach out to the local contact who helped you set up the onsite clinic.

What if I have less than the 24 participants required?

Encourage employees to get the flu shot at their local CVS Pharmacy.

What about insurance coverage?

We accept most major pharmacy benefit plans and some medical plans along with Medicare Part B. Clients are urged to contact their health plan to learn if the flu vaccination will be covered at CVS Pharmacy.

What about patients without vaccination benefits?

They may be vaccinated by paying the price below:

  • Quadrivalant vaccine (for adults), out-of-pocket cost is $40.99
  • High-dose vaccine (for patients 65 and over), out-of-pocket cost is $66.99

How does the voucher program work?

  • Clients cover the cost of the flu vaccine for their employees.
  • Clients will be issued an electronic version of the retail voucher to be distributed to eligible employees, to be redeemed at CVS Pharmacy or the onsite clinic.
  • Clients are invoiced for the vouchers redeemed on a monthly basis.